Field Training in Akhtala Combine

Field Training in Akhtala Combine

The capacities of fighting against emergency states of transboundary effect are increased: for this purpose, MES Rescue Service organized a field training in Nahatak Tailing Dump of Akhtala Ore Processing Combine on 4 July.

Under the scenario, a conditional 6-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the area after several days of heavy rains in Lor Region, which resulted in damaging the dam of Nahatak Tailing Dump, and the mash in the tailing dump blocked the road leading to Tchotchkan Village. The content of the tailing dump leaked into the Debed River basin flowing into the Nahatak River, a tributary of the Debed River, which could have led to transboundary effect. The information was also provided to the relevant body in Georiga, a probable impact neighboring country.

In the short time period, measures were taken to bring the population protection system to the level of readiness. The administration of the ore processing combine takes measures for the sustainability and recovery of the tailing dump dam using relevant engineering machinery.

14:58 July 06, 2018


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