Barristers To Provide Gratis Legal Aid to Environmentalists

Barristers To Provide Gratis Legal Aid to Environmentalists


Chairman of RA Chamber of Advocates announced that the environmentalists dealing with Amulsar gold mining project will receive a gratis legal aid.

‘Environmentalists and experts are continuously raising their concerns over Amulsar project, particularly in regard to that the project jeopardizes the water resources of Armenia. According to the experts, Amulsar project bear risks of generating acidic drainage lasting the lifetime of several generations.’

In line with Article 12 (1) of RA Constitution, the State shall promote the preservation, improvement and restoration of the environment, the reasonable utilisation of natural resources, guided by the principle of sustainable development and taking into account the responsibility before future generations.

The object of impact of this function prescribed by the law is environment and natural resources. The society is facing the problem to ensure natural, environmentally friendly conditions for human life.

Taking into consideration the need to protect environmental rights promoting the health and welfare of our citizens, RA Chamber of Advocates is establishing a group of volunteer barristers, which will provide free-of-charge aid to the citizens, including environmentalists,’ Ara Zohrabyan’s statement says.




16:43 July 09, 2018


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