“ArmOil” CEO Alfred Abedi’s Response to EcoLur

“ArmOil” CEO Alfred Abedi’s Response to EcoLur


“ArmOil” CEO Alfred Abedi has sent his response in regard to the article published by Ecolur “Environmental and Mining Inspection Called upon RA Police in Regard with Regular Hindrance of Inspections at “ArmOil” CJSC” published on www.ecolur.org. The response letter says, “In this regard, we would like to inform that the allegations made by Environmental and Mining Inspection as if “ArmOil” CJSC had hindered the course of the inspection don’t comply with the reality and are the result of the incomplete interpretation of the Inspection Head.

“ArmOil” CJSC hasn’t allowed and won’t allow the entrance of those persons who don’t have proper powers to carry out the inspection, or the licenses they presented, had been issued with the abuse of powers and/or through official forgery. In this regard, still on 17.09.2018, the company filed a report on crime to the law enforcement bodies.

What about imposing an administrative fine of 250,000 AMD on the company director, this fact is conditioned with Inspection Body Head’s pursuing his own interests only and intended to prove his faultlessness, most probably, after learning about the report. This fine is apparently groundless and we will appeal it to Arthur Grigoryan’s administration, if no result, then to Administrative Court.

Please, find attached the copy of our report on the crime.”
On our part, we would like to mention that the copy of the report on the crime was not attached to the e-mail.

15:07 October 29, 2018


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