Open Contest To Green and Design Area Adjacent to Opera

Open Contest To Green and Design Area Adjacent to Opera


A new park will be built already this year instead of the cafes in the area adjacent to Opera in Yerevan. Around 1 ha of the green area will be established with new solutions and valuable tree species. According to the official website of Yerevan Municipality, Hayk Marutyan has assigned to call an open contest for the implementation of this project making the residents a party to this procedure.

Still at the beginning of the year, Yerevan Municipality had sent notifications to the owners of the businesses having rented a part of the city-owned area adjacent to Freedom Square and dealing with cafe businesses offering them to refrain from a part of land areas rented by them. Under Chief Architect Arthur Meschyan, the businesses won’t suffer much as most cafes have occupied two zones and only one of them will be freed. According to him, greening Opera surroundings is the first step in reconstructing Freedom Square.

16:20 February 11, 2019


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