Structural Changes in Environment Ministry

Structural Changes in Environment Ministry


A number of changes will be made to the structure of the Ministry of Environment. Some departments will be merged, some will be renamed, some agencies will be united. The changes will be implemented in line with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s resolution dated on December 2, 2019 “On Making Amendments and Supplements to The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia resolutions N 745-L and N 740-L dated on June 11, 2011. Particularly, it is stipulated:

1) Divide the Department of Environmental Preservation Policy by establishing:
a. Department of Climate Policy
b. Department of Atmospheric Policy
c. Department of Water Policy
2) Divide the Department of Biodiversity and Forest Policy into:
a. Department of Forest Policy
b. Department of Specially Protected Areas of Nature and Biodiversity Policy
3) to restructure Hazardous Materials and Waste Policy Division into Hazardous Materials and Waste Policy Department
4) Reorganize Department of Information and Public Relations into Department of Public Relations
5) Terminate the activities of Audit Department
6) Merge Water, Biosource and Waste and Atmospheric Management Agencies of Ministry by establishing Department of Licenses, Permits and Resilience.
7) Rename Department of Environmental Strategic Plans and Monitoring into Department of Strategic Policy
8) Rename Department of Mine and Soil Conservation Policy into Department of Soil and Mining Policy
9) Rename Personnel Management Department into HR Department.

13:43 December 03, 2019


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