Business Projects in Jrvezh Forest Park

Business Projects in Jrvezh Forest Park


Citizen Norayr Sahakyan applied to EcoLur and expressed his concern over the construction taking place in "Jrvezh" Forest Park. Jrvezh Forest Park, as a specially protected area, where 21 red-listed rare and endangered species are located, is included in the "Reserve Complex" SNCO, which is under the jurisdiction of Environment Ministry.

Spokesman for Environment Minister Davit Grigoryan told EcoLur: "At the moment, the leasers are carrying out improvement works in the forest park arising from contractual obligations. The organizations that won the tenders are "Armenian Helicopters" and "Backstage" LLCs, which will organize recreational areas in the rented areas, environmental, cultural and public activities will be carried out. By the way, the amount paid for rent is much higher than elsewhere.
It should be noted that the Environment Ministry announced a tender in 2019 to lease the 1,20454 hectare area in ​​Jrvezh Forest Park for a period of 59 years. The starting fee was set at 1 m2 - 50.0 (fifty) AMD.

The public was not informed about the business plans to be implemented in "Jrvezh" Forest Park, there was no public discussion on how those programs will affect "Jrvezh" Forest Park.

Photo Credit: Norayr Sahakyan

April 28, 2020 at 13:16