Poacher Shot Recklessly

Poacher Shot Recklessly


According to the Armenian Police, Tavush Division of the Police received a report at 22:30 on 17 January that the body of Serezha Hovhannisyan, born in 1961, was detected in Artsvaberd forestry, “Kusakants Kaper” section, who had died from a through gunshot wound. As a result of operative investigation operations it turned out that on 17 January, about 15:30, the forester of Artsvaberd Forestry Karen Ch., born in 1981, Armen G, born in 1969 and Serezha Hovhannisyan headed for “Kusakants Kaper” for illegal hunting. Armen G. rechlessly shot Serezha Hovhannisyan from single-barreled gun of 16 mm caliber, who died on the spot. Armen G. has been detained.

Photo by Mamikon Ghasabyan

09:56 January 21, 2013


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