Problem with Borders of "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve Not Solved

Problem with Borders of


The problem with "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve hasn't been solved yet. The reserve area includes Gilan and Gyolasor residential areas, where a total of 40 families live. The residents don't consider their residential areas to be a reserve area, while the employees of the reserve claim the opposite.

'The problems connected with the preservation are mainly the areas included in Khosrov forest: we don'y have any buffer zones: the distance between Khosrov area and community pastures is 5 meters,' said Rafik Petrosyan, Deputy Director on Preservation 'Khosrov Forest' State Reserve.

'It's true that Gilan is in the admnistrative area of our Khosrov, but when people are asked where you are from, they show their passports and say from Gilan Village. We have the same problem in Gyolasor. We have a family, which has a property ownership certificate in the very middle of Garni section,' Rafik Petrosyan detailed.

To solve the problem with the border separation, the administration of the reserve has applied to Ararat Regional Municipality and proposed either to exchange areas or to join them to the reserve. Nevertheless, no responses has been recorded.

May 04, 2017 at 14:12