Qaghtsrashen Project Discussed with World Bank Representatives

Qaghtsrashen Project Discussed with World Bank Representatives


Arsen Harutyunyan, Chairman of State Committee on Water Economy, received the World Bank Inspection Group members. The Head of Delegation, Jan Mattsson informed they had arrived in Armenia to examine the progress of irrigation systems in Armenia carried out with the support of the World Bank.

'The body I represent is examining the complaints and objections submitted by the communities in the course of WB project implementation. We had such an experience with Garni community in Kotayq Region during the construction of the Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system. The discussions on the project solution, EIA have been held for over two years and were accomplished last year and now we can record that all the objections having been lodged by the community were discussed and served as a basis for the amendment to the final project. In this regard, it's very inspiring that the voice of the community was heard,' Jan Mattsson said.

Arsen Harutyunyan, Chairman of State Committee on Water Economy, presented the course of the project in details and all the amendments made. 'It should be mentioned that the amended version, as a matter of fact, includes all the objections having submitted by the community and considered by the World Bank as substantiated,' Arsen Harutyunyan said and added it's not the only project implemented in Garni community: the inter-household irrigation network and a six-kilometer-long section of the canal supplying water to the village will be entirely replaced with the funding of the Eurasian Bank.

'Besides, I would like to outline that around 90% of Geghardalitch Reservoir reconstruction works have already been accomplished. In this project, it's planned to carry out additional construction works of the dotation canal of Gilanlar brook, which will enable to save around 10 million kw/h electricity, as well as to ensure gravity irrigation water to the adjacent 4 villages,' the Chairman said.

June 05, 2017 at 18:19