Water Volumes Used for Irrigation and Fish Breeding in Ararat Valley To Be Reduced Half

Water Volumes Used for Irrigation and Fish Breeding in Ararat Valley To Be Reduced Half


In order to reduce the groundwater volume used in Ararat Valley from 1.6 billion to 1.1 billion cubic meters reductions will be made in the water volumes used for irrigation and fish breeding. 809 million cubic meter designed to use for fish breeding will be reduced up to 400 million, while the irrigation water of 578 million cubic meter shall be reduced up to 228 million cubic meters, as RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said at the working discussions held at the Ministry.

Minister Artsvik Minasyan mentioned, if the fish farms can solve the problems of secondary water use of water. i.e. clean the used water and make it suitable for irrigation, then water usage volumes will be reduced.

It has been informed that the technical criteria of introducing automated management water-measuring system is being developed and adopted by the Armenian Government and each individual can purchase this equipment from anywhere, any guidance in this regard will be excluded.

'According to the management plan, all the water usage permits will be called back and new permits with new conditions will be issued for a term of three years. It's planned to reduce more water usage volumes in those fish farms, where new technologies aimed at water saving will not be introduced. It's also planned to introduce online water automated management system in all water-using economiesand companies to make water usage online controlled,' RA Deputy Nature Protection Minister Khachik Hakobyan said.
'Union for Armenian Fish Breeders' NGO President Armen Buniatyan agreed with the measures aimed at saving water and noted that currently fish farm economies are experiencing hard times and asked not to vest the purchase of automated water-measuring system only on the economies, as they have rather high prices.

Chief Adviser to Armenian PM Gagik Martirosyan mentioned that the rational use of groundwater resources in Ararat Valley is a primary problem and all the measures taken in this direction shall not damage the entrepreneurs.

June 06, 2017 at 17:24