Whether Armenian Government Can Recover Overspent Water Resources

Whether Armenian Government Can Recover Overspent Water Resources


One of the most vivid examples of poor management of water resources in Armenia is the Ararat artesian basin, which is at risk of getting dry because of fish-farm business.

The Nature Protection Ministry is proposing to review water resource management policy, to remedy irrational use and to recover overspent groundwater resources. For this purpose, the Nature Protection Ministry has developed a draft resolution ‘Concept Paper on Introduction of Water-Saving Technologies’. According to the concept paper, over 250 fish farms are currently operated in the Ararat artesian basin, which use 450 wells of the basin. The fish farms have been issued water usage permits in the amount of 1.496 million cum, when the renewable groundwater resources of Ararat Valley make up 1.266 million cum.

As a result of fish farm operation, annually 800 million cum water flows from Ararat artesian basin to the Aras River and then to neighboring countries.

To remedy this situation, the authors of the concept paper are proposing to establish a circulating system for fish farm industry, as well as installation of compact cleaning stations for the wastewater cleaning and its further use and application of natural and combined cleaning systems. The solution proposed for the effectiveness of water use in irrigation system is the expansion of drip irrigation system.

16:18 October 13, 2017


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