Overexploitation of Water Resources in Ararat Valley Remains Unsolved

Overexploitation of Water Resources in Ararat Valley Remains Unsolved


The problem of the overexploitation of water resources in Ararat Valley still remain unresolved: the groundwater intake exceeds the volume laid down in RA Law 'On National Water Program' – 1.1 billion cum/annually and makes up 1.5 billion cum per year – these figures were publicised by RA Nature Protection Minister at the final press conference for 2017.

The major part of water intake in Ararat Valley vests on fish farming. As compared with 2016, the water amount used by fish farming has decreased by 149 million cum – from 809.0 million cum to 660 million cum. 'It's not enough: we really have overexploitation here,' Artsvik Minasyan said.

239 fish farms were registered from September 2017 to December 2017, which use 584 deep wells, out of these fish farms 124 operate and 115 don't operate. These non-operating fish farms have 250 deep wells, out of which 86 have free and non-expedient water yield amounting to 152 l/s. 28 fish farms use more water than it is set in their water usage permits, while 7 fish farms carry out water intake without any water usage permit. Artsvik Minasyan outlined that under the Tax Code entering into force starting from 1 January 2018 sanctions for illegal water use without any water usage permits will be made stricter charging dozen times more money from water user for water.

December 26, 2017 at 15:49