"FRV Masrik" Company To Construct Solar Photovoltaic Station with MW Capacity in Vardenis


"FRV Masrik" Company intends to construct a solar photovoltaic station with 55 MW capacity in Vardenis area Gegharkounik Region: the company is planning to launch the operation starting from 2020. On 16 May, the government reached a decision to postpone the term of paying VAT for the imported goods by "FRV Masrik" Company for three years.

"FRV Masrik" Company intends to invest around 28 billion AMD out of which 22.3 billion AMD are designed for equipment. In the course of this investment project, the company shall create 10 new working places within 3 years with an average annual salary of 130,000 AMD. 

11:16 May 21, 2019


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