Dilijan National Park Planted 6 Ha Forest

Dilijan National Park Planted 6 Ha Forest


Six ha of forest was planted in “Dilijan” National Park in 2012, on which 499,800 AMD was spent. Complements were made in three ha of territory, on which 150,000 AMD was spent. This is what “Dilijan” National Park Ashot Davtyan’s letter in reply to the enquiry by Dilijan Aarhus Center says: 56 ha of territory in the national park was taken care of, on which 1,750,000 AMD was spent, 550 kg of forest seed was collected and 5 km of road of fire-protecting significance was constructed, which cost 1,000,000 AMD, while 937,500 AMD was spent on the repair of the road of fire-protecting significance.

17:10 March 27, 2013


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