Over 600 Trees Illegally Felled Down in "ArmForest" SNCO

Over 600 Trees Illegally Felled Down in


From 29 March to 22 April 2019, 662 illegally felled down trees were detected in the forestry enterprises of "ArmForest" SNCO, as the Forest Committee of RA Nature Protection Ministry informs, particularly:

19 trees in Artsvaberd Forestry Enterprise
193 trees in Dsegh Forestry Enterprise
31 trees in Yeghegnut Forestry Enterprise
141 trees in Ijevan Forestry Enterprise
121 trees in Lalvar Forestry Enterprise
10 trees in Kapan Forestry Enterprise
147 trees in Stepanavan Forestry Enterprise

The protocols on illegal tree felling have been sent to RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Body.

13:06 May 02, 2019


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