Government Appraising Armavir's Hail- Driven Damage

Government Appraising Armavir's Hail- Driven Damage


Because of the hail and strong winds having occurred in Armavir Region on 10 August, military disabled person Arkadi Mkrtchyan from Bambakashat Village lost all the harvest from his land area. His family is one of those hundred families in 14 communities in Armavir Region, which suffered from heavy hail.

Armavir Regional Head Gagik Mirijanyan called this phenomenon as unprecedented. 'This is such kind of a disastrous phenomenon, which, as we initially appraise, couldn't have been influenced by anti-hail stations. It was like a tsunami. It was really an unnatural, unexplainable and unforecast disastrous phenomenon for Armavir Region,' Armavir Regional Head said in his interview to the Armenia TV.

First Deputy PM Ararat Mirzoyan had a meeting with the villagers, who presented the extent of the damage they had incurred. They asked for the governmental aid. Ararat Mirzoyan assured that the government won't leave villagers alone in such a situation.


19:17 August 13, 2018


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