Water Committee: Problem with Qaghtsrashen Irrigation Regulated

Water Committee: Problem with Qaghtsrashen Irrigation Regulated


The Water Committee informs that the problem with the irrigation water in Qaghtsrashen Community, Ararat region, has been regulated. According to the source, Deputy Chair of Water Committee Harutyun Gulyan had a meeting with the Qaghtsrashen residents protesting in front of the Governmental building on 16 July. He listened to the concerns of Qaghtsrashen residents, and then visited the community together with them to observe the problems on the spot from all the angles and to find optimum solutions. “The dialogue and the visit were effective as all the possible problems were solved on the spot in regard to the supply of the irrigation water. The administration of “Artashat” WUC has been assigned to operate in a more flexible manner in this peak irrigation season and to adhere to the principle of the fair distribution. In order to free the water from the silt and sediment load, it has been assigned to put additional nets in order not have the canals and brooklets blocked. The residents of Qaghtsrashen community, in their turn, promised to sign contracts and to pay for the water they received on time,” the press release disseminated by the Water Committee says.


12:30 July 18, 2019


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