Irrigation System Needs Additional Water Intake

Irrigation System Needs Additional Water Intake

EcoLur- RA Ministry of Territorial Administration


In parallel with agricultural works, particularly with the launch of irrigation season the mass media and public forums often raise concerns with the reduction of underground water resources in Ararat Valley and certain deficit of water in Ararat Valley with frequent incorrect comments and opinions, which causes additional tension and disappointment with water users.
To avoid such situations the PIU of State Committee of Territorial Administration Ministry considers it necessary to assess the situation more reasonably and to present the measures taken and ways to solve the problems. The priority above all these measures is continuous service of irrigable land areas in Ararat Valley and sufficient water supply to water users.
Because of law-water Sev Jur River, the total deficit of 39 million cubic meters water shall be covered with the additional outlets from Lake Sevan transferring water volumes through Arzni-Shamiram and Lower Hrazdan canals. To ensure needed water volumes in the sections needed taking into consideration the losses in irrigation and energetic systems, additional water outlets of 72.2 million cubic meters will be needed. That’s why the maximum water outlet from the lake has been proposed to be 240 million cubic meters.
At present the water reserves of Sevjur river basin have reduction dynamic. In case water-fullness of the river is recovered or improved, maximum water outlets won’t be implemented.


13:53 April 17, 2014


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