RA Prime Minister on Increase in Sevan Level

RA Prime Minister on Increase in Sevan Level


On 11 May RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan visited RA Nature Protection Ministry. The Minister was reported that as of todat the level of the lake made up 1900.76 meters with a positive tendency, which according to the law, is ensured and records a stable increase in the recent years. In line with the current concept paper, it's planned to increase the lake level up to 1903.5 meters by 2030 and it will be feasible with today's rates. 'We all love Sevan, but let's substantiate all this. In this case, we will realize we have reached a responsible decision and haven't created additional burden, as I can clearly understant that the level increase results in additional costs – roads, infrastructures, gas etc. In fact we shall capitalize and make it a rest zone with the attributes inherent to the modern rest zone. We are expecting for a substantiated vision from you,' Karen Karapetyan said. Reminder: the government intends to implement an additional water intake of 1 billion cum water from Lake sevan within three years. RA Nature Protection Ministry has expressed its negative opinion in this regard.

19:25 May 11, 2017


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