Violations of Around 169 Million AMD Detected at "Yerevan" WUC

Violations of Around 169 Million AMD Detected at


The State Supervisory Service of the Republic of Armenia conducted an examination at the Yerevan Water Users Company, resulting in a number of violations and shortcomings. The detected violations and defects amounted to about 169,000,000 drams (one hundred sixty-nine million drams).

In particular, the company obtained the water needed for irrigation by cubic meters, but the irrigation was carried out in hectares, unreal figures were on the production of deep wells and pumping stations introduced into water management system, as well as there were excessive calculations in terms of unrealized receivables, payroll and other. The maximum acceptable water loss levels of water loss volume for 2014-2018 was exceeded by 2,348.9 thousand m³.

12:39 September 19, 2019


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