263 Illegally Cut Down Trees in Dilijan National Park

263  Illegally Cut Down Trees in Dilijan National Park


The enhancement of preservation in specifically protected areas of nature resulted in detecting violations. The employees of Sevan National Park of RA Nature Protection Ministry drew up 6 minutes on environmental violations: 2 on illegal fishing, 2 on illegal pasture and 2 on illegal crawfish hunting. Eight items of plastic fishing nets and 87 items of whitefish and 12 kg of crawfish have been confiscated. The employees of Dilijan National Park detected three cases of forest violation (13 illegal tree felling) during their inspections and recorded 263 illegally cut down trees. On 29 October 2017 cases of illegal tree felling were detected in Tsav Community in Syunik Region, where 36 felled down trees and 3 cut down branches were recorded. The damage caused to nature is being estimated.

16:59 November 03, 2017


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