Candidate Programs for Khosrov Reserve Director Position

Candidate Programs for Khosrov Reserve Director Position

Tatevik Grigoryan, EcoLur

EcoLur held an interview with the candidates for the position of “Khosrov Forest” Reserve. Reminder: the contest committee will have the selection of the candidates on 15 March.

One of 11 candidates, Vahan Davtyan, filed an application on refusal from further participation in the contest. In reply to EcoLur’s question what the cause was he answered, “I work in other field and have perspectives and plans. If there were one candidate, I would continue the fight.

- What’s the connection between the number of candidates and your refusal?

- In the previous contest I was a committee member. Unequal conditions were set up in case of one candidate and the ministry elected the person it wanted, that’s why I decided to take part in the contest, but now when we have so many nominees, I decided to refuse from further participation.”  

In reply to EcoLur’s question why she decided to become a director, Lusine Karapetyan answered, “I will carry out reforms, if I become a director. We have a Forest Code, but I definitely want to make amendments to it.

- Do you have a program on Khosrov Reserve?

- I have presented the concept and I have my own goals. First of all, the amount of flora and fauna should be increased. It’s true that the law doesn’t permit it, but I would like to work in that direction.

- What’s your profession and work experience?

- I have graduated from Agricultural Institute, Agronomic faculty. I continued my education at Pedagogical Institute at the faculty of Nature Protection and Chemistry and now I teach these subjects at school.

- Khosrov Reserve is vulnerable in the sense of poaching. How can you fight this?    

- We should mobilize employees and to adjust discipline.”

Candidate Albert Dumikyan: All my life I have worked as a reserve director. I have worked at Khabarovsk (Russia), where the reserve is several times larger than this. My work will be absolutely new for Khosrov. For example, employees can be stimulated in a completely different way. I have graduated from Agricultural Institute and worked at the Institute of Botany as a forester, then worked in Russia. I came to Armenia by my choice in order to share my experience and skills.” In reply to the question about poaching Dumikyan answered, “If to use contemporary methods of surveillance, video cameras, poaching can be eliminated by 100%.”

Haykaz Karapetyan: A contest has been declared and I think I have an opportunity to make some kind of benefit. Development program has been submitted in the concept, while further actions will become clear in working process. It should be made clear what conditions there are in the reserve, i.e. what can be done. What about the profession I have graduated from two institutes. I have worked in different fields, including banking and management. Currently I work for the Ministry of Emergency States. I think we can overcome with poachers, it should be combated, to invest all funds to have loyal employees, this is one of the most conditions.

Varantsov Barseghyan

- Mr. Barseghyan, why did you decide to be nominated once again for the reserve director?

- I had some problems with my health, now I have overcome them and decided to stand for once again.

- What are your plans for Khosrov?

- Mainly I find it correct to focus on the protection, natural reproduction and implementation of scientific works in the reserve.

- Khosrov reserve is vulnerable in terms of poaching, how do you intend to fight against them?

- Now there is almost no poaching, i.e. sanctions are so strict that poaching has almost disappeared. This is rather a good sign.

19:10 March 14, 2013


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