David Babayan: Water Safety Is One of Most Significant Components of Armenian Statehood

David Babayan: Water Safety Is One of Most Significant Components of Armenian Statehood


'Water safety is one of most significant components of Armenian statehood: in this case, Qarvachar and Shahumyan regions of Artsakh Republic have a key significance, which the future and natural development perspectives of both Mother Armenia and Artsakh Republic depend on,' Deputy Head of Staff of President of Nagorno Karabagh and Head of Chief Department for Information Davit Babayan stated during his interview given to the Shant Tv while presenting the book he has authored – 'Hydropolicy in Artsakh and Azerbaijan Conflict.

'If we can't ensure our water security, the strength of the army doesn't matter, guarantees given by different countries and the international community don't matter – the pollution of this water with some toxic substances because of technical or accidental problems can lead to unpredictable consequences,' Davit Babayan said.

Particularly, he outlined Qarvachar region, 'The Arpa and Vorotan Rivers start in Qarvachar region, which supplies water to the wealth of the Armenian statehood with the most significant value – Lake Sevan. Just imagine what will happen, if the enemy takes control over this most important area: not taking into consideration the circumstance that around 85% of water resources of the previous Autonomous Region of Nagorno Karabagh start in Qarvachar. In order to realize and imagine the whole significance, we should know about the issue – what is the wealth we have and what will happen if we lose this wealth. Eventually, what's the policy run by our enemy towards us. We should all be well aware of this and not allow such developments in the future.'

February 19, 2019 at 12:17