Government Extended ANPP Loan Use Term

Government Extended ANPP Loan Use Term


At the meeting on 3 May, the Armenian Government decided to extend the term of using the loan of US $ 270 million granted by the Russian Federation from 31 December 2019 to 1 July 2021. The adoption of this decision is conditioned with the fact that the planned term of some key works aimed at increasing the security level at the ANPP go beyond the term designed for the use of the loan set out in the loaning agreement. For this purpose, an additional agreement will be signed between 'Armenian Nuclear Power Plant' CJSC and 'Rusatom Service' PC.

The extension of the term for using the loan in the loaning agreement won't affect any change in the price of the ANPP second power unit lifetime extension – the US $ 300 million, out of which the US $ 270 million is the loan provided by Russia and the US $ 30 million is a grant.



19:31 May 04, 2018


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