Government reviews steps to deal with consequences of major fires

Government reviews steps to deal with consequences of major fires

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan held a consultation to discuss actions aimed at eliminating the consequences of major fires in Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Artavan community of Vayots-Dzor Marz and Nairit chemical plant in Yerevan, as well as preventing the recurrence of fires in the future by means of proper control and monitoring mechanisms.
Highlighting the need for public agencies to make coordinated efforts for the prevention of such disasters and the implementation of a clear-cut policy in this area, Karen Karapetyan said appropriate mechanisms should be developed to ensure proper control in fire-dangerous forest zones. The Premier instructed to create a commission involving experts from interested agencies to explore the current situation and provide solutions to the problem.

To keep the situation under control and respond adequately to potential threats, each agency should have an accurate idea of its tasks and responsibilities. Minister of Emergency Situations David Tonoyan reported that the possible causes of fires had been discussed and the need for the prevention of human and climactic factors had been highlighted in the findings.

In order to strengthen the protection of Khosrov Forest State Reserve, the Minister of Emergency Situations deemed it a priority to set up cameras at the routes and tracks leading to and from the State Reserve.

According to the Minister, the summer heat had created favorable conditions for wildfires by completely de-hydrating the grassland. To keep up the level of soil moisture under such conditions, David Tonoyan suggested establishing a working group with the involvement of appropriate specialists from the agencies concerned to explore the possibility of setting up hydropower systems in the areas of natural reservations, as well as to work out a complex of measures to enhance the level of fire safety in forests and protected areas.

The Minister of Emergency Situations reported that the possible causes of the Nairit Plant accident had been studied and the existing problems identified. David Tonoyan pointed to the lack of a cooling system in the plant and attached importance to the destruction and disposal of residual stocks of pesticides in the territory of Nairit using the local resources.
The Minister of Emergency Situations said to have met with the representatives of international organizations to carry out complex studies and involve international experts in order to address the problem in a comprehensive manner.

The Minister proposed to create an interdepartmental commission with the involvement of interested agencies, representatives of the ministries of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, Nature Protection, Emergency Situations and Nairit Plant specialists on the basis of surveys and findings.

Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan reported on the work done to address the environmental issues caused by fires.

Prime Minister Karapetyan endorsed the recommendations, as a whole, and issued relevant instructions regarding the minimization of the risk of fires in the country and the clearer definition of forest management policies.

18:44 September 05, 2017


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