More Restrictions To Be Expected in Dilijan National Park

More Restrictions To Be Expected in Dilijan National Park

Press Service of RA Nature Protection Ministry

A number of consultations have been held at Dilijan National Park and the personnel has been faced with the need to change their working style. Wide-scale inspections have been carried out in the forest areas, which resulted in detected thousands of illegally cut down trees.

The Armenian President has been reported about this problem, and he strictly assigned Nature Protection Ministry and other state regional bodies to eliminate these drawbacks in a short period of time and to ensure the proper supervision of the national park.

On 13 July a consultation was held at RA Nature Protection Ministry dedicated to the problems of Dilijan National Park. During the discussions, A. Minasyan informed the participants that inspections have been carried out in around 60% of the Dilijan National Park areas (Inspections included the time period from 36 August 2014 to 30 May 2017), where over 6300 illegally cut down trees have been detected. The national park has drawn up administrative acts on 1820 illegally felled down trees, which have been submitted to law enforcement bodies. Artsvik Minasyan has given a number of assignments, particularly:
• To submit the complete package of inspections to RA Public Prosecutor's Office,
• To enhance the protection of specially protected areas of nature, particularly that of Dilijan National Park, to examine the issues of salaries, social security and life insurance of Dilijan National Park employees, to develop and submit their funding estimates,
• To hand over the 24/7 protection of high-risk sections of Dilijan National Park in terms of preservation such as Haghartsin, Shamakhyan and Dilijan to a private guard company as a pilot project,
• To review the HR policy of Dilijan National Park, in case of keeping the management board of Dilijan National Park, the involvement of NGO, mass media and adjacent community representatives shall be considered,
• To review the procedure of issuing a 'forest ticket', to examine and give solutions to the settlement and supervision mechanisms of 'forest ticket',
• To develop and present proposals on the rights to take timber out of forest,
Minister Artsvik Minasyan gave his assessment to the activities of the national park and then he informed that the direction of the national park resigned based on his own letter of notice.

18:09 July 17, 2017


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