Natural State of Gosh Lake Recovered

Natural State of Gosh Lake Recovered


The natural state of Gosh Lake has been recovered, as the Information and Public Relations Department of RA Nature Protection Ministry informs.

Reminder: in April 2017 an alarm signal was beaten on the social networks that cleaning works were being carried out in the littoral area of Gosh Lake without having a relevant permit. It turns out the company having leased the Gosh area, 'Vendor' LLC, had launched these works. Upon RA Nature Protection Minister's assignment, these works were suspended, the volume of the works and impact on the environment was assessed. As a result of the relevant internal examination, a warning was given to the Forest Office of the relevant forest section, who was supposed to be informed about the launch of the works to clean the lake from the silt.
'Vendor' Company was imposed administrative liability for the initiation of works in the lake area without any environmental impact assessment.

All the cleaning and improvement work in the littoral area of Gosh Lake were carried out by the specialists of Dilijan National Park at the expense of 'Vendor' Company.

16:07 August 09, 2017


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