RPA To Assist Candidate Nominated by 1/3 of Parliament To Become A Prime Minister

RPA To Assist Candidate Nominated by 1/3 of Parliament To Become A Prime Minister


The leader of the Republican Party of Armenia Vahram Baghdasaryan made a statement on 2 May, which says, 'We positively value the fact that the four parliamentary factions in the National Assembly raised almost all the concerns at the discussions held in the parliament, which cover the situation in the country from the viewpoint of solving them. A part of the concerns raised by the RPA was resolved in the Q&A session with the candidate for the PM, but the most important ones have been left unanswered. These issues are a cornerstone not only of the Republican Party but also for the future of our country. The RPA accepted the accusations silently, which, as a matter of fact, don't have much relation to it. The party accepted them for the sake of our country and for the sake of tomorrow hoping that whoever should realize what we said, they did it.

Now, taking into consideration the imperative to urgently bring the country into its sustainable course and given the positions voiced during the election of the Prime Minister in the parliament and the results of the election, on the behalf of the Republican Party of Armenia I state:

The Republic of Armenia will have a constitutionally elected Prime Minister on May 8.
The Republican Party of Armenia won't nominate any candidate for the Prime Minister.
The RPA will support any candidate who will be nominated by at least one-third of the deputies in the Armenian parliament.'

The head of RPA faction also called to immediately unblock the streets and highways in the capital city and throughout republic and to stop propaganda of intolerance.

Reminder: During the vote on May 1 the candidate nominated by Yelk faction Nikol Pashinyan, who was the only nominated candidate for the PMm received 45 votes “for” and 56 “against”. The RPA voted against. On 2 May the actions of civil disobedience continued at larger scales: all the streets of republican significance in Yerevan and Regions were blocked down, the traffic was paralyzed, the state bodies were blocked, state and private institutions were on strike. This situation was followed by the RPA's aforementioned statement.

20:41 May 02, 2018


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