Tumanyan Landslide Activation Reasons Known

Tumanyan Landslide Activation Reasons Known


The main reasons for the activation of the landslide in Tumanyan Community, Lori region, are groundwater, the water pool located above the landslide, as well as the railway and highway located nearby. The reasons were presented by Assistant to RA PM Karapet Vardanyan at the working consultation held at the Ministry for Emergency States on 24 January, as the official website of the ministry informs.
Karapet Vardanyan mentioned that water withdrawal works have been carried out operatively in three nidi of the activated landslide, which already have noticeable results reducing the risks of the landslide. Horizontal drilling will be performed in the landslide area starting from 25 January.
Minister for Emergency Situations Davit Tonoyan mentioned that all the departments have responded very quickly to the activation of Tumanyan landslide, which helped to reduce the risks of the landslide. Now the works will aim to neutralize the risk. Tumanyan Special Rescue Brigade of Lori Regional Rescue Department is on shift 24/7 on the spot, as well as the movement of the landslide is under continuous monitoring. Two families living in the area of the landslide are warned about the possible hazard and they were provided with another accommodation till the complete neutralization of the danger.

16:19 January 25, 2018


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