Who Will Reclaim Exploited Mines: State or Business?

Who Will Reclaim Exploited Mines: State or Business?


After the disaster in Artik the problem of reclaiming derelict mines is focused by the government. During his working visit to Shirak Region RA Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan stated, “There are certain environmental problems in the region, which are connected with the tufa stone mines, as no reclaiming works have been carried out there, and in this regard discussions were held in the government as well, and after a while we will have conditions and mechanisms for derelict mine reclaiming. The operating mines already are statutorily obliged to carry out reclaiming works and have made relevant transfers. If mine developers will try to avoid carrying out reclaiming, RA Nature Protection Ministry will carry it out based on the aforementioned transfers.” Reminder: On 24 June 2016 the wastes of Artik tufa mines flooded Artik because of unprecedented heavy precipitation. These mines located under the open air are sources of enormous volumes of dust. The winds blowing from Aragats directly disperse the dust on the surrounding vegetation cover and town. The remainders generating from stone mining make up over 65% of the mines tufa mass. Only 30% of these remainders are used as concrete fillers, the rest is left in the mining area,' Despite poor environmental conditions, the state doesn’t carry out monitoring of atmospheric air because of lack of finances since 2005. As a result of the examinations carried out in the years preceding to 2005 the density of the dust in Artik made up 2000 g/s, which exceed the general permissible concentration for dust many times (0.15 mg/m3 per 24 hours).

Photo is taken from www.evnmag.com web site.

18:57 August 22, 2016


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