SHPP Constructed Not Only on Rivers, But Also Brooklets

SHPP Constructed Not Only on Rivers, But Also Brooklets


The River Daranak is known to be included in the drainage area of the Lake Sevan, where SHPP construction is in progress, which poses high risks for the river ecosystem and the whole Sevan basin, for the conservation of endemic fish species and Daranak villagers. The villagers can earn money only with agriculture. They will have to leave the village, if they are deprived of the water. The water in the Daranak River is low, as the water management in the river is arbitrary. This is the only source of water for the village, which uses the water at its own discretion. As a result, the water in the Daranak River is rather little, and, as a matter of fact, the river has turned into a brooklet. Under such conditions, a SHPP is being constructed on this river without having any passport data about the river, its flow, current etc, which shall take its water in a distance of 1/3 river.

Daranak SHPP project has been submitted for funding to German KfW Development Bank. Though the bank hasn’t submitted this project so far, the construction of Daranak SHPP is in active stage: you can see pipes and machinery on the construction area. I wonder whether the governmental officials, the officials from Nature Protection Ministry, Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Public Services Regulatory Committee have seen this river when issuing permitting document. The photo report shows almost dried out Daranak River and the construction machinery for Daranak SHPP.

October 16, 2013 at 15:17

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