Nature Protection Ministry Makes Corrections to EcoLur’s Reply Letter

Nature Protection Ministry Makes Corrections to EcoLur’s Reply Letter


The Nature Protection Ministry has applied to EcoLur in reply with its article published on 2 December entitled “Whose Interests Nature Protection Ministry Protects”. As we were told in the Ministry, the letter from Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia, no. 5/12.1/53751 dated on 25.11.2013 signed by Staff Head Edgar Pirumyan refers not to the conflict in Martz Village, but to the enquiries-publications of EcoLur about the contentious situation and to the results of the examination carried out at “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” by State Environmental Inspection. Both the enquiries-publications on Martz Village and the enquiries-publications on the company were held on 18 and 20 November. Reminder: in its comments to Nature Protection Ministry’s letter EcoLur mentioned, “The letter doesn’t mention the concrete publication on website, but we can guess from the content of the letter, that it refers to the conflict in Martz Village in regard with the “Martziget-1” SHPP in construction progress.

Thus, on 18 and 20 November published materials on this topics and accused the officials of escalating the conflict, particularly in the material entitled “Officials Bearing Responsibility For Conflict in Martz Village” dated on 20 November,” end of quote.

Nevertheless, we once again publish the reply provided by Nature Protection Ministry on EcoLur’s enquiry about the inspections of the State Environmental Inspection at “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan”, and the conflict between the company and the Ministry, when the company’s Director general Hrach Jabrayan publicly accused a number of governmental bodies, including the Nature Protection Ministry, of partiality: “In reply to your materials published on 18 and 20 November we state that Nature Protection Ministry doesn’t create any conflicts with its activities. The Ministry guides itself exclusively with the legal relations regulated by the law. In your materials you try to pass the desirable for reality. The Ministry publishes all the information relevant to this field on its official website in proper and timely manner. The Ministry also disseminated weekly press releases about its current activities. You can get the information you are interested in from the website of the ministry and regular press releases,” the letter says.

13:13 December 04, 2013


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