Vegan Festival Promises Tasty Organic Food and Good Leisure

Vegan Festival Promises Tasty Organic Food and Good Leisure


On 11 October Vegan Fest Yerevan 2014  will be held on Mashtots Street (next to Margaryan Hospital) and will begin at 1 PM and go through the evening. This vegetarian festival will take place in Armenia for the second time. The motto of the festival is “Choose life”, which aims to spread the idea of a healthy lifestyle, as well as reiterating the problem of animal exploitation, their right to live free from violence and suffering. During the festival there will be cultural, sporting and recreational events, lectures about healthy food, delicious vegetarian food, refreshments, raffle prizes among the participants and a number of other pleasant surprises.

There will also be an exhibition of recycled items. More creative ways of recyling are welcomed. Vegetarian food treats:

Make the most delicious vegetarian food, prepare and bring with you any vegetable dish and you just might win the competition.

 “Free Market” will also have a table – Bring all that has been sitting on the shelves for years and you never used, leave them on the table and perhaps someone will need it. Also, you can pick up what you need from the table.

15:40 October 10, 2014


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