What the Milliards Intended for Landscaping in Yerevan Are Spent On

What the Milliards Intended for Landscaping in Yerevan Are Spent On


According to the data of “Transparency International” anticorruption center within 1990-2007 green areas in Yerevan decreased about 3 times. Lena Nazaryan, coordinator at “Transparency International” anticorruption center said about this at the press conference which took place in EcoLur press club, on November 6.

“In 1990 the total surface of green areas was 1254.30 ha, 74.01% of which was landscaped, in 2003 the total surface of green areas changed slightly - 1251.20 ha, but the green areas decreased to 43.18% and in 2007 to 29.04%”, said Lena Nazaryan.

“According to official data 7 billion 298 million 096 thousand 300 AMD from the total budget of Yerevan Municipality is intended in 2014 for environmental activities. And the total budget is 91 billion 111 million 565 thousand 600 AMD”, stated Inga Zarafyan, “EcoLur” Informational NGO president stating that this money isn’t spent for the purpose. Precious plant species are imported which aren’t resistant to the severe climate conditions in Yerevan. Besides, landscaping is realized not by means of trees but flowers which isn’t advisable for cleaning and maintenance of the air basin of the city.

Hovik Sayadyan, head of the Public Administration department of the National Agrarian University of Armenia, Dr. of geographical sciences, professor stated in his speech that for the normal activity of one citizen 16 square meters of green area for total use is necessary. According to statistics in 2007 it was about 3.3-3.4 square meters.

According to H. Sayadyan tree and bush planting must be increased, especially the quantity of conifers must be increased.

85 percent of the trees used in landscaping in Yerevan were broadleaf, the leaves of which are already falling. Since then until April we haven’t had a surface ingesting the dust and deafening the noise, and throughout this period that dust, different bacteria in the air and so on, containing germs naturally have had their influence on the residents of the city”, said Hovik Sayadyan. 

18:07 November 06, 2014


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