German KfW Development Bank Replied on Argitchi SHPP Problem

German KfW Development Bank Replied on Argitchi SHPP Problem


In reply to the open letter by EcoLur addressed to Dr. Ulrich Schröder, the Chairman of the IDFC and CEO of the KfW Group on stopping the funding of the illegally constructed Argitchi SHPP (see, KfW dispatched the following letter:

“KfW strongly cares for ecological sustainability of its financed projects and is one of the globally leading financiers for sustainable renewable energy technologies. Like Ecolur we share the concern for environmental protection.

Please be informed that to obtain financing out of the GAF Programme for the Promotion of Renewable Energies each project has to prove that it disposes of all legally required permissions, i. a. the approved environmental assessment. The availability and validity of these permissions and licenses is examined by the technical consultant supporting that programme even before the detailed design check and is thus a pre-condition for approval of the project.

With regard to the queries mentioned in your letter, please be informed that the technical consultant has re-examined the documents for Argichi SHPP and confirmed the validity of all necessary permissions, including the environmental expert assessment quoted by you.

Regarding the license and permission awarding process itself, we kindly ask you to direct your enquiries to the responsible Ministries of the Republic of Armenia”.

For our part we would like to mention that EcoLur doesn’t agree with the substantiations on funding Argitchi SHPP laid down in the KfW letter and is preparing an enquiry to the bank.

15:26 November 26, 2013


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