What Is It: Second Shikahogh?!!!

What Is It: Second Shikahogh?!!!


EcoLur is applying to everybody! The Government, Economy Ministry, Yerevan Municipality and Asian Development Bank are getting ready for the new program, which eliminated the remainders of the protected green zone in the south of Yerevan. Artashat will lose 81% of its orchards. An area of 35.257.53 sq. meters will turn into asphalt. It’s unclear who needs this program. It hasn’t been discussed and hasn’t undergone expertise procedure.

Reminder: in 2005 the authorities intended to lay a road through Shikahogh reserve through the Transportation Ministry with the support of World Bank. The project aimed to fell down unique oak forest “Mtnadzor” located in the heart of Shikahogh reserve, which is inaccessible for ordinary transportation, if a special road is not laid towards it. The reserve was preserved at the expense of incredible efforts with the interference of NGOs and the Armenian Diaspora in Armenia. The given program should be carried out with the funds of the Asian Development Bank. The ADB has already funded several transportation projects, out of which the largest is North-South highway. Under our information, the construction has significant deviations from the acceptable international standards. Not waiting for the regulation of North-South project, the ADB and the government urgently proceeded to the new program, where neither risks nor benefits are assessed.

EcoLur is calling for the public to respond to this project and to hold discussions and a working meeting.

15:06 December 02, 2013


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