Today, on 4 December, the majority of the deputies at the National assembly of Armenia voted against the proposal to postpone the application of new component in the pension system for one year with 54 -45 votes. The proposal was submitted to the National Assembly by ARF, PPA, ANC and Heritage factions. “Before the voting the RPA Deputy Chairman Galust Sahakyan stated that the authorities were against the project, because he was afraid that several of their deputies would vote like the opposition,” said ANC member Aram Manukyan, “The authorities once again showed that they are thieves and robbers. Tomorrow we will publicize the names of all the thief and robber deputies who have voted against.” The factions have set up a working group, which should develop the further stages of the struggle. Under PRA Secretary Naira Zohrabyan, the next step will be to apply to the Constitutional Court. “We don’t particularly hope that the Constitutional Court will give a solution, as we have seen many times their position, but there is a law and a constitution and we will follow the law and the legislation together with you,” she said.
The Human Rights Defender’s Office also expressed its willingness to apply to the Constitutional Court. “Right to pension is a human right, and not an obligation. We are ready to cooperate with all four factions and to apply to the constitutional court,” said Aram Vardevanyan, Legal Analysis Department head at Human Rights Defender’s Office. ARF Deputy Artsvik Minasyan stated they won’t step back. This mandatory component hits the value system of our nation and will make our citizens emigrate. In hand with you we should stop this antinational action,” the deputy said. 
The working group plans to hold a joint rally. “It’s time for national hunger strike,” said “Heritage” Faction leader Zaruhi Postanjyan calling for everybody to join the rally.
 While the protestors, who were standing in front of the National Assembly building during the voting, ended their demonstration in front of the Armenian Government building shouting “SHAME”.
“Our government is used to hide behind the back: every time they hide behind the back of the police…COWARDS…Problems with such street government should be solved in street…DON’T EVEN HOPE, WE WON”T EMIGRATE…” the protesters were shouting. 






20:06 December 04, 2013


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