Expert: gas Fuel Exported into Armenia with Low Efficiency

Expert: gas Fuel Exported into Armenia with Low Efficiency


The discontent of gas consumers in Armenia are right to doubt the quality of the burnt gas, Emil Sahakyan, energy engineer, thinks and gives the following explanation, “There are opinions that the gas imported for the Armenian population is poor and has low caloricity. The matter is not gas caloricity, but that the gas fuel in Armenia is used with low efficiency. The fuel efficiency is determined, first of all, with the temperature of its combustion.”

Armenia has gas imported from Iran and Russia. Iranian and Russian gases have different fuel characteristics and properties. The methane concentration in Iranian gas makes up about 91%, while that of the Russian gas – over 88%. Besides, Iranian gas contains more ballast admixtures. In the pipes of “Rozgasprom” the Iranian and Russian gases are mixed in an arbitrary manner thus forming mixture of changing nature, that’s why it’s impossible to achieve effective regime of combustion and the burnt fuel doesn’t reach the needed level of temperature. Finally, we spend more gas to meet our needs in heat. 

Under Sahakyan, the only way out is to the governmental demand from Rosgasprom to ensure the constant concentration of the sold gas fuel and to determine permissible ranges of changes. For EcoLur’s part we would like to add that the Armenian Government has lost is capacity to demand anything from  Rosgasprom before selling its 20% shares to Rosgasprom and Putin.


11:50 February 20, 2014


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