Paints Exceeding Lead MPC Sold in Armenia: Children Are Most Affected

Paints Exceeding Lead MPC Sold in Armenia: Children Are Most Affected


The sale of paints exceeding the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of lead still remains an unsolved problem in Armenia. The excess of lead in the paints was detected still in 2011 as a result of the research carried out by “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” and “Khazer” NGOs.

In 2016 “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO initiated double examination to see whether the state has taken measures to solve this problem.

NGO expert Qnarik Grigoryan presented the findings of the research at the discussions entitled “Green Rights, Violations and Defense” held at EcoLur Press Club.

“We have examined around 20 sale points and detected import of household paints with excessive concentration of lead: this problem continues existing,” Qnarik Grigoryan said. The expert outlined that the maximum lead concentration adopted by Armenia is 5000 ppm, while the internationally adopted standard is 90 ppm, i.e. the Armenian standard is 56 times higher.

“Here we can the violation of social rights, especially those of children. Even the minimum amount affects the children’s health, which has irreversible nature. Even least excess of the lead concentration in the blood leads to the reduction of children’s intellectual development coefficient, deterioration of knowledge acquisition, has an impact on immune and reproductive system, leads to high blood pressure etc. A child cannot integrate socially,” Qnarik Grigoryan said.

Kapar has a negative impact on environment as well. Qnarik Grigoryan outlined paint producing companies and supervision implementing bodies as structures in charge – RA Economic Development and Investment Ministry and Health Ministry, “National Center for Disease Control and Prevention” SNCO. “One of the main problems is the absence of permanent control in the market,” the expert said.

16:14 October 31, 2017


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