Plastic at Nubarashen Landfill Multiplied 10 Times

Plastic at Nubarashen Landfill Multiplied 10 Times


The composition of garbage has significantly changed in recent decade. The share of food wastes has reduced, while the plastic waste has increased. Under the data of Yerevan Municipality, the share of food waste from 40.9% in 1989 turned into 24.4% in 2000 at Nubarashen landfill site. On the other hand, the share of plastic wastes has increased by 10 times reaching from 2.0% to 19.4% in the same years. The share of construction wastes, 25.5%-27.0%, has remained almost unchanged. The shares of paper, cardboard, glass, textile, metals and wastes of other nature have remained unchanged.

Nubarashen landfill site is the biggest landfill site in Armenia, where 85% of the Armenian garbage is collected. 280,000-290,000 tons of garbage was taken to Nubarahsen landfill site in 2012.

October 25, 2013 at 14:22

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