Azerbaijan - Europe: Without Political Prisoners

Azerbaijan - Europe: Without Political Prisoners


“Azerbaijan - Europe: Without Political Prisoners”, “They Are Political Prisoners Because They Want Democracy”. The participants of the Civil Society forum of the Eastern Partnership from Azerbaijan chanted these slogans, who organized a flesh mob in Chisinau. The protest demonstration was directed at the support of journalists and public activists, who are in custody because of their speeches against the policy of the Azerbaijan current authorities. The flesh mob didn’t last long, while the protest demonstration has a lively response with the Forum participants, especially from those countries where political prisoners are not a myth, but reality.

The Civil Society Forum of EaP was held on 4-5 October in Chisinau, where the delegation of 6 countries took part - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. 

12:34 October 11, 2013


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