Global Warming in Armenia Has Worst Scenario

Global Warming in Armenia Has Worst Scenario


The global warming in Armenia has the worst scenario. The first and the worst hit was given to the water resources. At EcoLur Press Club and Zaruhi Petrosyan, Head of Metereological Center of Hydromet Service of the Ministry for Emergency States and Levon Azizyan, Head of Hydrology Center of Hydromet Service of the Ministry for Emergency States, as well as Aram Gabrielyan, the National Focal Point of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, presented facts and their comments.

Under Zaruhi Petrosyan, high temperature in the whole republic continued till the mid of September. In the first ten days, the average temperature was higher by 3 degrees than the standards, in the second ten days it was higher by 2 degrees, in some places by 3 degrees. In the upcoming one week the temperature will be within the standards. What about the general image of the weather for 2014, Zaruhi Petrosyan said, “In 2014 the average monthly temperate was higher than standards for all months in Armenia, particularly in April, May and August, when the temperature standard was higher by 3 degrees. In the mid of July Armenia already has stable weather conditions recorded, but we couldn’t record that phenomena this year. For example, the phenomenon of hail should reduce starting from mid July or shouldn’t be observed at all, but we still record hail in difference places and the hail has large sizes.

Under Zaruhi Petrosyan, 13 out of 14 hottest months was observed in the 21st century.

13:15 September 22, 2014


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