Forest Fires Decreased in Armenia: Chief Forester

Forest Fires Decreased in Armenia: Chief Forester


Every year 3 million hectares of forest land are destroyed because of burnings, illegal loggings and other reasons. This loss amounts to 6900 hectares in Azerbaijan, 4400 hectares in Georgia and almost 800 hectares in Armenia. Ruben Petrosyan, Chief Forester of “ArmForest” SNCO, said about this during press conference on July 2 at “EcoLur” Press Club. Referring to forest fires, he mentioned, that the largest number of forest fires in Armenia were in 2010, 2011, 2012 years. The number decreased in 2013. According to Chief Forester, fires mostly occur in Kapan, Goris and Meghri. However, when quick response teams were set up in these areas, now there are almost no fires. “We had a rare fire case several years ago, and we detected who had burnt the area. It was in Odzun village, a villager burnt quite big area because of carelessness. The court calculated damages of 96 million AMD. Then it is decided that we must pay the money. It was obvious that the man couldn’t pay the money, but it was the only case that we found somebody guilty. In general, it is very hard to find who is guilty," Ruben Petrosyan said. Ruben Petrosyan also mentioned, that some of the damage caused by forest fires and fires in vegetation-covered areas, restores naturally, mostly pine grove is not restored.


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14:46 July 06, 2015


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