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"Arpa 3" SHPP Project Should be Turned down
17:32 December 13, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
The impact of “Arpa 3” SHPP on “Jermuk Forest” and “Jermuk” forest reserves, landscape and biodiversity hasn’t been assessed at all. Below are the substantiations...
Forest on Eve of New Year
11:57 December 13, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
The felling of pine trees will be banned starting from 13 December.“ArmForest” SNCO hasn’t cut down pine trees for sale. This year we gave 6000 branches for central Christmas tree in Yerevan and 3000 branches for the Christmas tree in Gyumri,” said...
Unaware Communities, Neglected Residents: Another SHPP
14:53 December 10, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Արագածոտն
Why are people unaware of the public hearings? Why all the people were not aware of the gas debt for 300,000 million AMD to Russia?...
Take Part in Consultation at EcoLur Press Club
13:36 December 10, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
EcoLur Press will host the consultation of the Alliance of Public Environmental Organizations at 13:00 p.m. on 11 December. The agenda of the day includes governmental decisions bearing high risks...
In Memory of EcoLur’s Tree
11:12 December 10, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Recently EcoLur’s staff detected that the tree near EcoLur Press Club has illegally been cut down. EcoLur Press Club guests...
As of 4 December 2013 Lake Sevan Level Made Up 1900.20 meters
15:09 December 09, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Գեղարքունիք
The tendency of Lake Sevan level increase has become steadier. According to the requirements of RA Law “On approving state Complex program on the recovery, preservation, reproduction and natural development and usage of Lake Sevan ecosystem”...
Dilijan International School May Collapse At Any Time
14:26 December 09, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Տավուշ
I have told the bank the building they are constructing is located directly on the landslide and warned nothing is permitted to construct there unless anti-landslide measures are applied, but they seem not to understand. They want to spend some money on anti-landslide measures, instead they blow millions on...
Liquidation of One Well Costing 2.5 Million AMD
12:10 December 09, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Արարատ
In July-August 2013, 3314 wells were registered in Ararat Valley. 1379 wells were registered in Ararat Region, out of which 281 were...
Fight Against XXI Century Disaster
17:36 December 05, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
In recent 50 years the air temperature in Armenia has raised by 1.1 degree. According to the forecasts of the scientists, the further climate changes will occur faster, which is a...
Yerevan Municipality Promising To Increase Green Zone Per Person
16:19 December 05, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
Under this source, the aim of the program is to make the area of green surface designed for common se up to 880 ha, while the green area per person – 12-14 sq. meters instead of...


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