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Public Calling for IFC: Stop Amulsar Project
13:31 September 06, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Վայոց ձոր
The activities on Amulsar project don’t comply with the following IFC standards...
Teghout Alternative: Ecologically Pure Products Instead of Copper and Molybdenum
13:14 September 04, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Alternative economy and working places instead of mining industry: Teghout and Shnogh villagers, where Teghout mine is developing its infrastructures, are disappointed with the promises of Vallex Group about better life. The sociological studies of
Shikahogh Reserve: 8.2 Million Euros and Clash of Interests
12:40 August 29, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Սյունիք
So far no public hearings have been held on uniting “Shikahogh” state reserve together with “Arevik” National Park into “Zangezour” biospheric complex, though the problem...
GMO Seeds Not Officially Imported into Armenia
14:38 August 26, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
The import of seeds into our country is implemented in a strictly regulated manner: only registered seeds are imported into our country, which are
Main Sources of Mercury Pollution in Armenia
14:27 August 22, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
The Armenian specialists had also discovered that certain dental clinics had also been contaminated with mercury, while the most polluted area was
Hot Topic for August – Safety of National Agriculture
14:49 August 21, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
August is the high point for preparing cheap agricultural products having demand not only in domestic markets, but also in foreign markets. But whether fruit and vegetables – tomatoes, watermelon, potatoes are traditional Armenian species? Whether there is any hazard that we have lost our Armenian species and we group something foreign to us, genetically modified products?
Pollution with Arsenic: Problems in Armenia
10:54 August 14, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Doctor Experts of “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO detected pollution with arsenic in Armenia.The press conference will be held at EcoLur Press Club at 11:00 a.m. on 15 August.
If “Martziget-1” SHPP Constructed, Village Will Emigrate
15:49 August 13, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Լոռի
If “Martziget-1” SHPP is constructed in Martz Village, Lori Region, the village will emigrate, as the villagers told EcoLur. Under them, certain people give money
Gas Price Increase Big Hit For Our Forests
17:25 July 26, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Under such conditions the conservation of natural resources in Armenia, particularly forest is impossible....
“Volcano” Groups in Armenia
15:28 July 25, 2013 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
“Children should learn more about their nature, their native land and value what they have...


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