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Selling Vorotan – Century's Crime
20:36 March 01, 2014 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Սյունիք
'Without announcing a tender the Vorotan Cascade was sold to two American companies at a price of US $180 million, which is...
Poverty, Mining and Transport Causing Air Pollution in Shirak
12:44 February 24, 2014 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Շիրակ
The use of different substances containing different chemicals for heating in winter season extremely adversely affects the air quality. During these months the concentration of...
200 Hectares Forest  In Shirak Region tо be Created
14:50 February 20, 2014 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Շիրակ
It’s planned to plant 200 ha forest in Shirak Region from 2014 to 2017, as the Socio-economic development plan of ...
How Much Do We Overpay for Gas: Press Conference At EcoLur Press Conference
11:04 February 20, 2014 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Whether Rosgasprom cheats its consumers?...How much do we pay for gas and how much we should pay in fact…Whether there are legal tariffs for gas and what Public Service Regulatory Committee does in this regard…Why are we not pleased with the quality of the gas fuel…EcoLur Press Club will host...
Sevan National Park Submitted 1.4 Million Instead of 270 Million?
11:23 February 19, 2014 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Գեղարքունիք
Since 2007 the greatest environmental crime has been committed in the field of environment, which is called “grabbing” in other way…It’s about Lake Sevan, when...


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