Problem with Bread in Teghout

Problem with Bread in Teghout


 “Teghout villagers are hungry, we don’t have bread, we need bread to feed ourselves.” We heard this statement during the public hearings in Teghout community, Lori Region, which was dedicated to the further stages of Teghout copper and molybdenum mine development. The discussions were held by “Vallex Group” Company.

“We, Teghout villagers, can understand everything clearly. I can see what will happen to us: you will evict us, but we have no other way out, and we can’t resist hunger,” said Teghout village school teacher. The problem of the bread does exist in Teghout famous for its wonderful nature and natural resources.

How it happened, that people living in such a place rich in natural resources and realizing what is going on, “surrender” to mining industry and name migration as a ‘selection’?

12:03 February 05, 2014


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