STOP Grabbing, STOP Accumulative Pensions

STOP Grabbing, STOP Accumulative Pensions


Today  the Armenian citizens have organized a protest demonstration walking with posters, which said “STOP to Grabbing”,  “STOP To Injustice”,  “STOP To Ineffective Governance”, “Against To Mandatory Accumulative Pensions”, “STOP Accumulative Pensions”, “STOP Mandatory Money Raising” from the National Assembly heading to the Presidential Seat. “We are all against the mandatory pension system, we have applied to all bodies, but nobody wants to solve this problem, as it touched our pocket, and not their pockets,” said protester Gerasim Vardanyan, “We are here today to demand from the Armenian president to give a logical solution to this problem.”

The citizens wanted to hand a letter to the Armenian president, which expresses their concerns, demand and problems the people arise. But when they tried to approach the President’s seat to hand the letter, the policemen blocked them. The demonstrators asked under which law they blocked their ways, but the police didn’t answer and only said they wouldn’t allow them to go forward. Nevertheless, afterwards several people were allowed to go in and to hand the letter.

At the end of the demonstrations the citizens arranged to gather in front of the National Assembly tomorrow, on 4 December, at 11:30 a.m., “There is no point to rely on this government. The government may today decided to do something, then tomorrow the president may say something completely else. Tomorrow the voting will be held at 12:00 p.m. We should be here and support the deputies, who back the people. A while ago Aram Manukyan mentioned that they feel stronger when they can see we are here. This issue will be a burden on all families, we should unite and win our fight. We have proved: when we are united, we can win,” the protestors made a statement.

17:15 December 03, 2013


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