Water Intake from Lake Sevan Launched: Lake To Have Negative Balance Again

Water Intake from Lake Sevan Launched: Lake To Have Negative Balance Again


Starting from 18 April water from Lake Sevan is let out for irrigation. As of 27 April, around 12.784 million cum water has been let out of the lake. The lake level as compared with the same day of the previous year is lower by 6 cm and makes up 1900.62 m. It should be mentioned that the Armenian Government reached a decision on 12 April to limit the water outlet from Lake Sevan in the amount of 170 million cum, which is the maximum limit of the statutory water intake.

This year the lake level reached the indicator of the previous year for only several days and then exceeded the indicators of the previous year by 1 cm, then it started lowering, despite the fact this year double amount of water has flown into Lake Sevan through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct as compared with the previous year. Starting from 23 March 2018 to now 39.688 million cum water has flown into Lake Sevan, while the amount of the water having flown into Lake Sevan through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct made up 20,353 million cum water from April 6 to April 27 in 2017.

Reminder: in 2017 Lake Sevan recorded a negative balance because of the additional water intake and evaporation. This year RA State Committee on Water Industry (SCWI) has established a Dispatcher Center for more efficient management of water intake from Lake Sevan, which will receive, collect and analyze all the digital data in regard to water intake from Lake Sevan, as well as its computation and distribution.

'Taking into consideration the fact that for the only purpose of the water intake from Lake Sevan for the SCWI is to ensure stable water supply, a decision was reached to establish a dispatcher center for operative response, which in the partnership with the similar center established by the manager of Sevan-Hrazdan derivation canal will run joint and more effective process of water outlet. The purpose of this process is the prioritization of water intake for irrigation purposes, as it is prescribed in the governmental resolutions. The Center has opportunities to watch the water intake process, water volumes reaching the head section of the canal in online regime, the water amount passing through each HPP in 'Sevan-Hrazdan' system,' the SCWI press release says.

According to the estimates of the SCWI specialists, 2100 water-measuring devices will be needed to make measurable the water outlets from Lake Sevan and, in general, the whole irrigation system.

April 27, 2018 at 17:38