'Vardenik' SHPP Developer Promised to Pay Street Lighting Expenses in Vardenik Community

'Vardenik' SHPP Developer Promised to Pay Street Lighting Expenses in Vardenik Community


Vardenik Community, Gegharkounik Region and 'Vardenik' SHPP owner, son of RPA Deputy Hakob Hakobyan, Paruyr Hakobyan reached an arrangement that 'Jrasahq' Company operating the SHPP will bear the expenses of the community street lighting as an investment.

In his interview with EcoLur, Vardenik Village Municipality Staff Head Armen Hovhannisyan said that a foundation is currently being established next to Vardenik Village Municipality, where these funds will be transferred. The documents on the establishment of the foundation were transferred to the state register on 7 June. Hovhannisyan didn't mention how much money SHPP developer has committed to transfer, he only said that 90% of the community has lighting.

Reminder: Vardenis residents stopped the operation of Vardenik SHPP one month ago, as the SHPP didn't ensure the environmental flow of the river. The residents demanded to ensure the environmental standards of the SHPP operation and to make investments for the community.

'An arrangement was reached with the SHPP owners that the community shouldn't face any environmental problem in the process of SHPP operation. We have also arranged on installing a water meter and online system,' Armen Hovhannisyan said. He outlined in this stage the protest demonstration of the residents is considered to be a success, while the cooperation between the residents and the village municipality is the cornerstone of the success.

Armen Hovhannisyan

Vardenik residents mentioned in their interview with EcoLur they won't permit the further operation of the SHPP if the given promises are not kept.

'Each Vardenik resident shall realize they are the owner of this water and their opinions should be taken into consideration. Our opinions were neglected during the public hearings, where only 10% of Vardenik population took part,' local 'Hamaynqi Zarkerak' NGO President Artush Khacatryan said.

He said that the residents of different communities call them and ask about their experience of campaigning. 'We announced about the legal operation of the SHPP in the community and it became contagious,' Artush Khachatryan outlined.

June 08, 2018 at 17:05